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Quick Guide to Reinstall, Uninstall and Install Norton Setup

In order to keep the computers and its data safe from any kind of virus or bug, Symantec has created best security suite called Norton Antivirus. Norton Security can be used on various platforms like Mac, MS Windows, Android and iOS. There are different versions of Norton Security products like Standard Norton Security, Deluxe Norton Security and Premium Norton Security. All these three editions are capable enough to protect your computer against any online threats. However the security for number of computers changes in these three editions. Like Norton Security Standard is good if you want security of just one computer, Norton Security Deluxe is perfect if you want to secure upto 5 computers and Norton Security Premium can provide security upto 5 to 10 devices under one subscription.

Process to Install Norton Security Software

Here is a detailed explanation about purchasing and receiving Norton Product key, downloading, installing, uinstalling, reinstalling and Norton Product Key activation.

Steps to Uninstall Norton on Operating System Windows

(Note: These steps are applicable only if there is already a security application installed in your computer and you need to install an updated version.) You can use these steps to uninstall any security software like Norton, McAfee, Avast, Panda etc.)

  1. Go to the left-corner bottom and type control panel on the search
  2. Go to control panel, perform the following steps depending on the OS you are using:
  • If you have Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 users : Open programs and features.
  • For Windows Vista users: Open uninstall a program.
  • For Windows XP users: Open add or remove programs
  • You will see all the installed programs, and then click on the Norton software and click uninstall or remove.
  • Click next when a window pops up.
  1. Click Restart to complete the uninstallation process and completely remove the application.

Steps to Uninstall Norton or other Security Software on Mac OS X Computers

If you are a Mac user then you can remove application by 2 ways:

  1. Uninstall the app using Launchpad (continuously press the icon down till all the app icons starts shaking, click the (X) mark.
  2. If there is no delete button in the Launchpad then use its uninstaller to eliminate the application, if even that’s not available then trash the app and then you can empty the trash.
  3. You might or might not restart your device to complete the uninstallation process.

Steps to Install Norton( Security Software

  1. Enter norton .com/setup on your web browser
  2. Enter your Login Id and Password, in case you don’t have an existing Id, you can create a new one
  3. Click Sign In button
  4. You will get two options to choose, Install Norton on this device or Install it in another device
  5. If you wish to install the security software on your current device then click on Agree & Download
  6. If you download Norton Antivirus to your system, along with it you will also get the downloader program. You can run it to start the Norton download and installation process, in order to finish the process just follow the instructions given on-screen. Norton Antivirus will get installed and activated after completion of the process.

Steps to Install Norton Security Software on other Devices

  1. If you wish to install Norton Antivirus to other device then follow these steps:
  2. Enter on your web browser
  3. On the right side of Home Page management, there will be an option “Do you want to add more devices?”
  4. Choose and then click the option Install on another device tab
  5. Follow the instructions given on-screen. The installation link will be sent on your registered Email Id.

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