The best and one of the greatest anti-virus software available till date – Norton can be called all these. It gives an overall protection to your device from different dangers like viruses, malware, spyware, and online threats. It keeps you protected against all potential viruses with the real-time security feature.

Norton Antivirus has been created and distributed by Symantec Corporation. It offers security from malware and removes it when the software is installed in your device. It uses heuristics and signatures to detect viruses. Its other qualities involve phishing security and email spam filtering. It works on both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. While utilizing this item, users get Norton technical support.

With Norton antivirus, you get the opportunity to keep your information kept securely whether it is kept at cloud storage or gadget’s memory. As you install the product, Norton encrypts your online information to protect it from being hacked.

Despite the fact that the rates of cybercrime are increasing quickly, yet individuals are not giving enough attention to protecting their personal information. It is exceptionally important to have a functioning antivirus on PCs and cell phones. You get the freedom to ensure your personal and also professional information. To get these savvy features, you should have a Norton account.

Why do you require a Norton Account?

Having a Norton account gives you a chance to manage your Norton membership and allows you to get to different features too. When you make a Norton account, you can download your subscription, manage your gadgets From Norton Setup, see information of your bought item, and alter and update your account data. Making a Norton account is essential and considered as a stage of subscription while you buy any antivirus item from the

In the event that you are a new user and want to know the procedure to create your Norton account to benefit from the features, just follow the steps mentioned below.

Please remember that the steps may differ marginally based on the internet browser and its version you are utilizing. Additionally, ensure you utilize an updated version to get the best results.

Norton internet security additionally helps you to secure yourself by guarding your device against hackers and phishing attacks. The anti-spyware feature additionally guarantees that no harmful virus can secretly install itself on your device.

Over the years, Norton has improved its features and its procedures are substantially quicker in the new internet security pack than they were in prior versions. Norton internet security additionally protects both email and text messages for spyware and viruses to give you better security for your device.

Norton has additionally got its very own patented technology for detecting rootkits in your device. Rootkits affect your device in a way that makes malware and spyware unnoticeable in your device’s system and helps to cover such things so that you are ignorant of their presence.

Symantec’s product gives email scanning features and also instant messaging scanning features for AOL, Yahoo!, MSN, and Trillian etc, and for email users that are compatible with POP3 and SMTP support.

It offers antivirus and in addition spyware detection and a two-way firewall that can prevent unapproved access to possibly harmful sites.

The Norton internet security package also has Anti-spam and well as Parental Controls, which allow you to child lock your computer and ensure that the kids at home to get access to inappropriate web content.

How to create a Norton account?

  • Launch an internet browser and in the address bar, type manually or just copy & paste and press enter key on your keyboard
  • As you are sent to the home page, click on the Register/ Sign up button
  • You can also press the Sign in button to use the Register menu
  • Click on ‘Create an account’ button
  • Fill in all the required details along with your phone number and click on ‘Create Account’ option to carry on
  • Click on ‘Agree to the terms & conditions’ and finish your sign up procedure
  • In the event that the registration procedure asks that you enter a password sent to your mobile no, type in the password to verify your phone number.

You have now successfully made your Norton Account and can use all the features of this Norton Internet security package. Now all your devices are protected as long as you have the Norton product installed in them. It is recommended that you perform scan regularly.

In odd cases, you may experience inconvenience while making an account or buying the item, for this, you have to get help from their customer support.

You can easily get in touch with Norton’s award-winning customer service by calling on their toll-free number.  Their team will guide you through the process and fix any glitch if required.